Nairian co-founder Anahit Markosian at our sustainable farm in the Armenian Highlands.

Natural skincare created with real ingredients and ethical production.


Nairian was founded by a family and has grown into a flourishing local business. Our home is in the highlands of Armenia, a small country full of sunshine and nutrient-rich volcanic soil that enhance our locally-sourced ingredients. Because we care about the earth’s future, Nairian operates on a sustainable farm that supports a small village with jobs and agricultural development.

To ensure the highest quality, we grow our ingredients organically and monitor the production process from seed to bottle. At Nairian, we believe beauty shouldn’t compromise health—for our customers or the planet—so we never put parabens, sulfates, harmful chemicals, or artificial dyes in our products. The world is fraught with difficult choices, which is why we created Nairian to be an easy investment in something positive for our customers, small communities, and the environment.

The Nairian team is eager to challenge unhealthy beauty standards that tell people how they should look and be. Our products are developed in a lab run by women and men who create Nairian for themselves, their families and friends. Together, we are a community redefining what natural beauty means for us.

Our Formulation Philosophy

With each product, Nairian delivers a handcrafted recipe made from all-natural and plant-based ingredients—always free of parabens, formaldehyde donors, phthalates, sulfates, and other harmful chemicals.

Our founder, Anahit Markosian, is a physicist turned chemist who specializes in aromatherapy. Inspired by the potent properties of our organic ingredients, Anahit and her scientific team develop formulas that draw on principles of aromatherapy and harness the full potential of every ingredient. No element of a Nairian product is superfluous; every component is carefully researched and selected for its ability to enhance and nourish beauty.

The Eco-Farm

The Nairian farm sits on the eastern slope of Mount Ara at an altitude of 1600 meters. Aragyugh, the picturesque village that we call home, is an integral component of our production process. It has been our privilege to work with the people of Aragyugh, offering them steady employment in our scientific lab and collaborating with them to develop sustainable farming practices for the entire village.

By keeping our farm sustainable and pesticide-free, Nairian fully harnesses the region’s natural potential and produces premium quality ingredients. Thanks to Mount Ara’s high elevation, pristine environment, and abundance of sunlight, our harvests of aromatic medicinal plants are extremely rich in nutrients—rendering them ideal for essential oil production.


When it comes to our all-natural skincare solutions, we maintain a high standard of integrity in our process. This commitment entails the following:
  • Never using synthetic fertilizers in our agricultural production
  • Composting all of our organic waste
  • Wild-harvesting only non-endangered crops
  • Never using non-renewable ingredients
  • Never using ingredients that have been tested on animals
  • Ensuring our process is entirely cruelty-free
Both in our offices and throughout our facilities, we limit unnecessary and wasteful energy consumption, and primarily use upcycled and recycled equipment. 


Following responsible and transparent business practices is our MO. Through Nairian, we are able to contribute positively to our community in a variety of ways. By partnering with local farmers and sourcing locally, we support rural and vulnerable communities in Armenia. By collaborating with research labs and universities, we promote production, science, and research in the fields of aromatherapy and cosmetics. 

Each Nairian product results from the hard work and dedication of a diverse collection of people, including agricultural workers, scientists, marketers, and designers. Nairian would not exist without this incredible team, so supporting their wellbeing is a natural part of our responsibility. Our non-discriminatory hiring policies are reflected in our staffing; 49% of our employees are women, with full gender parity in management positions. A large percentage of our staff is hired from rural areas, where good jobs with a living wage are scarce. We promote professional development, giving our staff the tools to engage in their own research and further their skills.