In Times of Loss, We Unite — Over 14K Raised for Artsakh

A few weeks ago, our team in Armenia delivered clothes, toys, and supplies to a large family fleeing Shushi, Artsakh's second city that was under constant bombardment throughout the war. We spent the day playing with the kids (nine, plus one on the way!) and enjoying the lovely autumn countryside. It’s heartbreaking to know this beautiful family will now no longer be able to return home.  

The last few weeks have been devastating for our community; the losses of life and land are too great. But we created Nairian years ago because we believed Armenia deserves investment and a future. We saw the potential of our beautiful homeland to become a haven for sustainable development and agriculture. We believed the Armenian people had the right to cultivate their land and reap its fruits for themselves. 

Armenia now faces immense challenges, but we at Nairian are determined to stick by this original mission and the incredible community that has kept our vision alive for so long.

There is a lot of work to be done in Armenia today. Hundreds of thousands of refugees need support, as do countless wounded soldiers who fought bravely for their home. Now more than ever we have to come together as a nation to rebuild and reimagine. Nairian is ready to help lead that effort.

In this spirit of community – of hope and healing – throughout the holidays Nairian US will continue to donate 100% of proceeds to the Insurance Fund for Servicemen and other non-profits. Together, we’ve already raised over $14,000*, let's keep going. 

We'd like to thank all of you who've expressed your support over the past two months. We could not have made it through this difficult time without your ongoing help. As a team, we feel incredibly lucky to have such an amazing community that spans the globe by our side.

This community gives us hope that our company, our people, and our country have a bright future.

With love and thanks,

The Nairian Team

*We are posting receipts of our donations here: Donation 1Donation 2Donation 3Donation 4Donation 5Donation 6Donation 7, Donation 8, Donation 9

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