We’re donating 100% of proceeds to the Artsakh aid effort

Dear friends, 

As many of you know already, a few days ago Azerbaijan launched a full-scale attack on Nagorno Karabakh, targeting civilians in the city of Stepanakert and villages within the region. Yesterday, the attack was extended to Armenia proper, when the town of Vardenis was shelled and an aircraft shot down in Armenian airspace by Turkish weaponry. This terrible violence has already taken the lives of dozens of soldiers and several civilians, and caused hundreds of women and children to seek shelter from bombardment. 

Many of our team members have family who live in Karabakh, and in the last few days we’ve had to say goodbye to friends and loved ones — including several of our staff in Aragyugh Village — as they head to the frontlines to defend their homeland. Words can hardly express the pain we are feeling as a community, the heartbreak we’ve endured in seeing friends, brothers, husbands, and fathers leave for Karabakh.

In this difficult moment, we are all searching for ways to help. While some of our team members have gone to the front, others are here in Yerevan, donating blood and medicine for the troops, and helping organize clothing and food drives for families that are confined to bomb shelters in Karabakh and Vardenis.  

To further show our support, for the foreseeable future, Nairian US will be donating 100% of proceeds to the aid effort in Karabakh and Armenia. Donations will go directly to the Insurance Foundation for Servicemen, a government fund that covers medical care for injured soldiers, as well as compensation for families who have lost a soldier. We will also be donating to VOMA, a non-governmental organization dedicated to advancing military reserve training and preparedness in Armenia and Artsakh. If you can, please help us raise the funds our community desperately needs. 

We are grateful for all the men and women who are making sacrifices on the frontlines and at home. Together, we will prevail.

Thank you for your support and care.

With hope,

The Nairian Team

p.s. We are posting receipts of our donations here:
Donation 1, Donation 2, Donation 3, Donation 4, Donation 5, Donation 6, Donation 7


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